niedziela, 14 sierpnia 2011

MISTY przepiękna lalka z 1960 roku.

Kolejny post dotyczyć będzie przepięknej lalki Misty z 1960 roku. Oczywiście do Tonnerek wrócę niebawem. Na razie oczekuje tej pięknej lalki z wygranej aukcji na ebay z akcesoriami oryginalnymi. Wrzucam cały opis w języku angielskim. Potem jak już panienka do mnie „zawita” Napisze cos od siebie. Wrzucam zdjęcia i opis z aukcji.    

This auction is for a Vintage IDEAL 12" GLAMOUR MISTY, MISS CLAIROL DOLL WITH ORIGINAL CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES. The doll is in excellent, used condition showing very little signs of age or play wear. She was made by Ideal in the 1960's as a friend of their Tammy Fashion Doll and competitor for Mattel's popular Barbie. Misty has a gorgeous, high color face with bright makeup - red lips, side glancing blue eyes and eye shadow, black molded lashes and black painted eye brows. There are NO PAINT RUBS, GREEN EAR, NECK SPLITS, NOSE NIPS, CHEW MARKS, ODORS, OR MISSING DIGITS. Her long curly blonde hair is thick and soft with full bangs and no cuts or missing plugs that I could see. She is on the correct, jointed vinyl body - clean and straight with no scratches, stains, chips, or splits in vinyl. Arms and legs move well and are not swingy. Fingers and toes are well defined. Included with Misty is her original, multi colored terry cloth Robe which is tagged with the "Misty" label on the inside. The sheer pink Baby Doll PJ's are not tagged but do belong to Misty. I am not sure if the red and white striped sleeveless shirt and white cutoff pants are hers or not. They are not tagged but do fit her well and they came with the doll. The top has a snap in the back for closure but 1 side of it is missing. All of the clothes are in good, used condition with no stains, tears or holes. The elastic on the pajama pants are a bit stretched at the waist and the top is missing one flower on the front. There are also 2 Glamour Misty Hair Coloring Pens - yellow and red and a yellow hair bow. I have 2 of these dolls with clothes and accys for sale this week. I recently bought several lots of vintage Barbie and Friends from a local estate auction. 2 sisters owned them and both girls had almost identical dolls. There were practically 2 of everything.
Laleczka przysłana będzie przesyłką Standard Shipping.   
Jeśli ktoś ma ochotę przetłumaczyć tekst dla przypomnienia sobie języka angielskiego to ZAPRASZAM.......